3 thoughts on “Photos of Jenny

  1. Jenny has been gone almost a year…impossible to deal with at times. Holidays are difficult at best, but I try to find the joy that Jenny would have felt. Jenny’s room is still soooooo Jenny….and it shall remain as it is, perhaps more orderly than she would like, but with her favorite colors and critters, dolls and creations. I miss Jenny every minute of every day, in one form or another…something as simple as a piece of chocolate….or something more challenging like not having her to light candles on shabbos. My daughter is not here on earth, but she is always in my heart. I thank all of my family and friends for being there for always. I thank my husband for letting me cry and act out, there for me even as he hurts as well.

    Today I received a call from a friend of Jenny’s who has been trying to track her down for months. He is visually impaired, totally unsighted. A friend of his came up with getting on line to see if she had posted anything, and he found her obituary. He traced me down through that…we spent an hour talking about her, listening to him laud her to the sky. My heart expanded with joy.

    Please keep Jenny in your prayers and hearts, and thank you all for listening and loving. Ask your special people daily, “Do you know how much I love you?”, and tell them.

    Love to all, Jenny’s mom

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