Jason: In Loving Memory

Eulogy delivered at Jenny’s service by her brother, Jason   I just cannot believe I am giving a eulogy for my sister. I think we kinda figured she’d just be around forever. She’s obviously been a fixture for me since go. We shared a room for years. We collectively watched about 1,000,000 hours of TV together. Dream: I really get the sense that that was more Jen’s speed – games. Always like playing games. Rummy Kub, Junior Trivia, Harry Potter trivia; card games. Backgammon. She played games a lot with my kids. She really enjoyed their company, and they liked … Continue reading Jason: In Loving Memory

Disney (Audio Description)

Despite her low vision, Jenny loved to watch Disney and Pixar Movies. Among her favorites was Aladdin, mainly because Robin Williams had a lot of dialogue. On the other hand, Wall-E was towards the bottom of her list, probably because too much happens outside of the dialogue, the camera makes fast movements, and challenging color palettes abound. This is where Audio Description comes in. I discovered it while researching links for this site. Launching with the in-home release of The Good Dinosaur on February 23, 2016, sixteen Disney*Pixar titles on Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) will include a free audio descriptive narration feature for low-vision and blind audiences. … Continue reading Disney (Audio Description)

Philip: In Loving Memory

My first thoughts about Jen’s passing were a rush of emotions that were kind of all over the map: guilt, sorrow, anger, and disbelief were what came first. When I got the call that you never want to get, it was Sunday evening and Benny and I were at Target shopping for a sled so he and his brothers could do some sledding on their day off of school because of President’s Day. It just did not even register as a possibility when the phone rang. She was 43. We had just spoken three days ago on her birthday. That … Continue reading Philip: In Loving Memory

Michael: In Loving Memory

My sister Jenny passed away on Valentine’s Day, 2016. She had just turned 43 on February 11 and blushed a bit as we sang her Happy Birthday. Less than a week later we buried her in the driving rain at Ewing Cemetery next to her father. Below is the text I wrote the morning before the service at Har Sinai Synagogue, although the actual words I spoke were somewhat different due to nerves and my three-year-old son Aiden interrupting me at the podium. I picked him up, at which point he grabbed the mic and said: “This is a microphone. It … Continue reading Michael: In Loving Memory